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Policies & Terms

Once donated, item(s) become part of the museum’s permanent collections. The White City Museum carefully holds in public trust all items which it has received by donation. Disposal or exchange of any artifact(s) is called a “deaccession” and is made in full conformity with the museum’s guidelines for management of interpretive collections. Deaccessions of item(s) in the permanent collection are at the Museums discretion. The Museum may also sell deaccessioned items to cover operation expenses.

Only a percentage of the museum’s collection can be displayed at any one time. Donated items are periodically rotated on display and periodically “at rest” in the museum artifact storage areas. Accompanying cash contributions are encouraged to help process, conserve, properly store, and make readily available large and significant donations.

If desired, a formal appraisal of a gift is the responsibility of the donor. The museum can provide a list of professional appraisal organizations that can help you find a suitable appraiser in your area. It is the responsibility of donors to confer with their tax advisors regarding the tax benefits, details, and implications of large donations. The museum cannot offer tax advice.

While we sincerely appreciate you considering the donation of an object to the White City Museum, we want to remind you that a museum is not to be considered a regional or community “attic”. The following is a list of five common reasons a museum might decline the donation of an object:

  • Object is out of the museums scope (wrong subject, geographic area, etc.)
  • Duplicate(s) already in collection: We might have similar objects of the same era already in our collection.
  • Poor condition: We must be very wary of accepting items in poor condition that may tax museum space and conservation resources or are too fragile to exhibit.
  • Large Size: We must be wary of accepting items that may tax our limited storage and display space.
  • “Conditional gifts” and “Permanent loans”: Museums generally reject objects donated with “conditions”. We cannot accept an artifact with the condition, “This item must always be on display.”

Please note that you may not receive an immediate response to your donation request, as the White City Board of Directions plays an active part in considering such donations and meets on a limited basis.

Thank You.